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Memory Quilts

We can turn your old t-shirts, sweatshirts and ties into lasting memories by creating a custom quilt.

From joyous occasions to somber ones, we are honored to work with you to create and complete a memory quilt.  Memory quilts can be made from a loved ones clothes, handkerchiefs, or even aprons.  They can also be made with new fabric and become a treasured memory from signatures placed from friends & families on different quilt blocks within the quilt.  Contact us for more information.

You have completed piecing your top and now what?!  Let us do the quilting to enhance all your work and make your piece a usable work of art.

All quilting is done free hand on our APQS Freedom Long arm.  We do not use computer designs, but hand design & execute the patterns on your quilt.

Prices: Prices for creating a memory quilt or a custom quilt are based on an hourly fee. From $0.01 per square inch to $0.035 per square inch. To find out the square inch measurement of your quilt, measure width & length.  Multiply those two numbers.  Multiply that number by price. Example:  118″ X 98″ = 11564 X $0.02 = $231.28.

What determines the price per square inch?  The price is determined by the complexity and the density of the quilting.  If you are just wanting function, you may want to have all over meandering done.  This is $0.01 per square inch. A design with more detail for example, leaves, would be $0.02, where feathers would begin at $0.03.

How big or how small can be done?  We can do it all.  Quilts smaller than 3,000 square inches will be charged a base charge of $35.00.

Batting: We carry Quilters Dream.  All sizes are available.  Prices vary by type of batting.

Quilters Dream is available in: Cotton, Poly, Blend (70/30), Wool, Puff, & Orient. Prices for a 60 x 60 quilt range from $11.00 for Quilters Dream Puff to $16.00 for Quilters Dream Wool.  Call for prices for your specific need.