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Long Arm Quilting

We can help you finish your projects.

At Joy Quilting we know how it is to be excited about a new pattern or design, but then we get on to the next project and we wind up with a stack of quilt tops that are beautiful, but are not being used & enjoyed.  Let us do the quilting for you and have that unfinished stack become treasures that are now usable.

We use a APQS Freedom Long Arm machine at Joy Quilting.  This gives us 16 inches of working space to create beautiful designs on your quilt tops.  All quilting is done free motion, without using a computer or pre-printed designs.  From meandering to intricate feathers they are all lovingly designed & sized to your quilt.

Please take a moment to read our “Tips for getting your Quilt ready for the Long Arm.” If you have any additional questions please contact us.

Tips for getting your Quilt ready for the Long Arm

  • If your quilt has a “top” please mark it with a note safety pinned on.
  • If your quilt or backing is directional make sure that is labeled.
  • Press any thick seams open
  • Press the backing
  • If you seam the backing, remove the selvage edge and use at least a 5/8″ seam allowance and press open.
  • Backing must be at least 6″ larger than the quilt top (3″ on each side) Measure after pressing your top.
  • The backing is pinned to a frame.  The two edges that are pinned must be trimmed straight.  If you are piecing the backing make sure that the edges have been trimmed even.
  • Do not pin or baste layers together.
  • If your final border is cut on the bias or has any stretch, stitch a ‘stay stitch’ completely around the quilt top 1/4″ from the edge.